Arba Minch, gateway to the Omo Valley and Dorze tribe

crocodile market Chamo Lake, Arba Minch, Rift Valley, South Ethiopia

Crocodile in Chamo Lake

Arbaminch is one of the biggest towns in the southern region. It is situated in front of the two lakes Abaya and Chamo.

Lakes Chamo and Abaya

Lake Abaya is the biggest one of the Rift Valley lakes,

Lake Chamo is known for its huge Nile crocodile and hippo population which attracts a large number of tourists.

The attractions can be viewed and watched perfectly on a boat trip on the lake.

The town of Arba Minch consists of two parts, the lower part and the upper part, in which most of the hotels are located and from where you can have a nice panoramic view over the national park.

Zebra Burchell in Nechisar National Park, Arba Minch, Ethiopia

Burchell Zebra

Nechisar National Park

The Nechisar (“White grass”) National Park, even though often not easily accessible by cars, is a beautiful scenic spot

It is teeming with a variety of wild animals including Burchell zebras and Bubale Swayne gazelles.

The Dorze People

The Dorze people live in the Guge mountains near Arba Minch, in a cold and misty climate.

Dorze tribe house in Chencha village, Arba Minch, South Ethiopia

Dorze beehive house

They are famous for their beehive huts which can measure around  12m.

They are very famous for their skills in cotton- weaving.

Many of the traditional cotton clothes of the Ethiopians come from Chencha, the biggest town in the area.

Dorze house

The skilfully built-up to 6 m high huts of the Dorze, which look like beehives, are built only out of organic material, but extremely stable, weather resistant, uncomplicated and mobile.

The markets of the Dorze are famous for their colourful atmosphere with colourful goods.

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