The South and Omo Valley

Mursi woman with labial plate and baby in Mago National Park, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Hamar tribe man, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Hamar tribe woman, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Hamar tribe man in Omo Valley Turmi Market, South Ethiopia
Hamar tribe Bull jumping in Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Boat on Omo river, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Dassanetch family in Omo Valley, Galeb tribe, South Ethiopia
Hamar tribe girl, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Dassanech girl with goat, Omo Valley, Ethiopia
Dassanech tribe young woman, Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Borana tribe women in Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Landscape in Omo Valley, South Ethiopia
Hippos in Chamo Lake, Omo Valley Gateway, South Ethiopia
Zebra Burchell in Nechisar National Park, Arba Minch, Ethiopia
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10 days / 9 nights


Standard 3* Hotel or Lodge


Breakfast, lunch and dinner included unless otherwise mentioned

Individual, start from 2 people

Price on request

Departure every week, on request

Tour code SOV02

or call + 33 6 60 39 02 19 (Europe)
or call + 251 911 657 576 / 166 717 (Addis)

or let’s arrange a tailor-made tour for you, based on your own requirements.

Discover Ethiopian Tribal Culture in Omo Valley and explore the Great Rift Valley with its lakes and its wilderness area.

You will observe many tribes with different traditions and ways of life : Mursi, Konso, Hamer, Benna, Karo, Erbore, Bumi, Omorate, Tsemay, Ari… who have preserved intact their culture and old customs.

You will visit villages and lively markets which are meeting places for people from different ethnic groups and from mile around.

You will have also the time in order to meet the charming Ethiopian people who live in the Omo Valley and the Great Rift Valley.

You will also appreciate sceneries, beautiful nature and animals in the Great Rift Valley and in the Omo Valley.

Highlights :Map and itinerary of SOV02 Ethiopia tour : Addis Ababa, Langano, Arbaminch, Konso, Turmi, Yabelo, Yirga Alem

  • Debre Zeit
  • Lake Langano
  • Arbaminch (Erbore, Dorze Tribes…)
  • Konso
  • Mago National Park (Mursi, Benna, Tsemay tribes…)
  • Turmi (Hamer, Ari, Dessanech tribes…)
  • Yangatom (Bome, Karo, Hamer tribes…)
  • Yrga Alem
  • Awasa
  • Woliso